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Permanent part marking is no longer simply an option in many industries, as regulatory reforms in recent years have put the onus on organizations to ensure that the parts they use are correctly identified at each stage of their manufacturing process. This means that companies must now search the marketplace for services that allow them to reduce the expenditure of marking each part that is built on their machining lines. One of the leading options available to manufacturers around the globe is laser engraving. Laser engraving services assure companies of complete durability in adding details to materials that do not lend themselves to the traditional marking process. One expert within this area is Pauway Corp. And the company now offers a full array of engraving and marking services to help firms meet their part identification demands in the long-term.

Pauway Corp. is one of the country’s leading experts for industrial painting, powder coating and screen printing services. Their excellence within these areas, as well has their in-house team’s experience and understanding of complex technical requirements, has made the firm one of the leading partners to large manufacturers around the globe. In addition, they’re known as one of the foremost industry suppliers for aerospace and mil-spec coatings. Companies trust Pauway Corp. for the highest quality solutions to their unique manufacturing demands, because the firm provides full documentation with each completed project. And, in order to show adherence to specification requirements for military coatings, Pauway Corp. provides certificates of conformance with each job completed at no extra cost to the client.

Within the industrial manufacturing field, companies are placing ever-greater levels of resources toward ensuring that their parts are identified correctly. One of the leading forms of parts identification is laser engraving. And this is an area in which Pauway Corp. can help their clients across all manufacturing fields to reduce their expenditure within the parts building process. The company has recently installed two new laser solutions within their decorating department.

The CO2 and YAG lasers have been designed to add permanent identification marks on almost all metals, composites, ceramics and wood, as well as coated, bare and painted surfaces. The company’s laser engraving process works through the use of a computer-driven system that supports an environmentally-friendly alternative to processes such as silk screening, pad printing and mechanical engraving. That’s because it’s a high-speed system that can be completed using a non-contract process to assure superior engraving quality and design flexibility. In fact, the accuracy produced within the laser engraving process is unmatched by any other engraving method offered within the commercial space.

Laser engraving uses laser light to ablate away material, which then leaves a tactile impression on the surface being engraved. It’s the ideal process for engraving surfaces that require the added depth provided by a deep engraving system and allows operators to engrave items whose inherent strength would otherwise make parts engraving impossible. The team at Pauway Corp. has years of experience in this emerging field, and their expertise is now available to all manufacturing firms with short-term scheduling demands.

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