Laser Marking and Engraving Experts Pauway Corp Specializing in the Latest C.A.R.C Products

Wallingford, CT-based coatings specialists, Pauway Corp are now offering the latest C.A.R.C. (Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings) products. As a trusted Department of Defense contractor, Pauway Corp sets the standards within the local marketplace for high performance C.A.R.C. products for numerous military applications, including the coating of Marine Corps tactical vehicles and equipment. The laser marking and engraving company is now offering streamlined service to customers across Massachusetts.

Within the world’s most dangerous regions, military personnel rely upon chemical agent resistant coatings (C.A.R.C) to assure comprehensive protection against chemical and biological weapons. These coatings ensure that, when military equipment comes into contact with a chemical or biological agent, personnel can simply wash the equipment down with strong solvents to remove the agent. That’s because the C.A.R.C products prevent agents being absorbed by vehicles, thereby helping to simply the neutralization process.

The creation of these refined coatings is highly regulated and only companies that have been through vigorous quality assurance testing procedures and security analysis are authorized to sell their products to military systems manufacturers. As a specialist within the marketplace, Pauway Corp. has developed a reputation for streamlined production of leading class C.A.R.C products for military applications.

There are three types of C.A.R.C solutions available through Pauway Corp: an epoxy polyamide primer, an aliphatic polyurethane paint (PUP), and epoxy polyamide enamel. Each of the coatings is supplied directly to the customer as part of a two-component system. When these two components are combined, a terminal reaction begins which makes an impermeable coating for military vehicles and equipment. And because C.A.R.C products have low infrared detectability, superior scuff and scratch resistance and low reflectivity, they’re ideal for a broad range of combat environments.

Laser engraving and marking specialists, Pauway Corp now offer Massachusetts companies a leading class range of C.A.R.C products.