Pauway Corp. Offering Effective Silk Screening Services for All Industrial Substrates

Wallingford, CT-based industrial coatings experts, Pauway Corp. are now offering clients access to their leading-class silk screening services. The company’s silk screening service can help companies add identifying marks to products utilizing the highest quality inks within the marketplace. It’s a service designed to meet identification challenges within maintenance, quality control and assembly processes.

The flexibility of the silk screening process means it has become the required solution for companies that need expertly-crafted metal parts. For applications such as adding logos to metal, wood or plastic parts, effective industrial silk screening work can help ensure identifying symbols are added quickly and cost-effectively. The team at Pauway Corp. has become a leading brand name within this growing area of the industrial marketplace and can now offer an industrial silk screening service that is second-to-none within Massachusetts.

The Pauway Corp. industrial silk screening service provides an elegant solution to parts identification challenges. Instead of adding labels to their products, companies can now cost-effectively add identifying elements to each part to provide a completely branded product ready for the marketplace. A leading advantage of the Pauway Corp. service is that the company only utilizes the highest quality inks, each of which conform to the Mil-Std-130 specifications. And because the organization offers access to a countrywide network of coatings specialists, they can offer custom color matching on all silk screening work. It’s the professional, cost-effective service for the proactive organization.

To discover more on the benefits offered by the Pauway Corp. silk screening services, please contact their offices directly at 1.866.247.4082 or visit their business website at